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Hair and health solutions for millennial women experiencing thinning hair and hair loss.




You’ve reached a point in your life where your wellbeing is a priority. Gone are the days of eating whatever was convenient, ignoring your needs for the sake of others, and settling for less.

Now, you’ve found joy in cooking what feels great for your body, prioritizing your mental health, and discovering what brings you true joy.

And now that you’re experiencing thinning hair and hair loss, although challenging, it’s not going to stop you from living your best years. It’s simply another challenge you know you can overcome. 


Hey,I'm Carla!

When I first started my career, I fell into the traditional role of a hairstylist. As someone who thrives on human connection, the in-and-out appointments, small talk, and trend-based services had me feeling unfulfilled for a long time.

Then, I came face-to-face with a slew of health problems, including thinning hair. I was unhealthy, self-conscious, and without purpose when I should’ve been ecstatic about my new career.

It wasn’t until after I tried dozens of regimens and medications that a mentor helped me come to the realization that no amount of beauty products would help me with my mind’s quality of life. 

Slowly but surely, I made an effort to make a real change instead of putting a band-aid on my symptoms.

I made the transition from trend-based services to services that put self-love first, found hair systems that made me feel naturally me, and let go of anything that didn’t bring me joy.

And that was the best decision I ever made for myself and for the women I serve!

Today, I feel blessed to have transformed into a mentor and be the one to guide women through a journey to reclaim their confidence.

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Hair is a form of self-expression. A way to feel connected with our true selves. This is why my mission goes beyond providing women with hair systems. 

I’m on a mission to empower women and help transform the way they see themselves.

So here’s to the women who are


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Offer Custom Solutions

I’ve flipped the script on outdated approaches to hair health — ones that only mask your symptoms and are too formulaic. At my salon, I take a personalized approach to your unique hair by being attentive to your symptoms, getting your full-picture story, and supporting you in the ways you need.


Use an Intentional Approach

Rather than following quickly-fleeting trends, every decision I make is informed and for the betterment of my clients’ hair health. Since my ultimate goal is to find a long-term solution, it’s my priority to provide services that bring you the most confidence and empowerment.


Lead With Empathy

Having walked the long journey toward better physical and mental health, I understand first-hand the struggles you may be facing. I also know that putting your well-being first can and will change your life. You deserve to make yourself a priority — and I’m fully here for the journey ahead.

My promise 
to you

More than a hair appointment, I’m dedicated to bringing you on a transformational hair care experience

We live in a world that shames women for thinning hair, hair loss, or if we simply have different hair from the mainstream. To go through treatment is a brave and vulnerable thing, and I never take my responsibility as your hairstylist lightly. 

Going beyond the traditional job description of my industry, I promise to always lead with empathy and with the understanding that no two hair stories are the same.

My chair is your safe space.

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Hair and health solutions for women in Northern Arizona

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Hair and health solutions for women experiencing thinning hair and hair loss.

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